Eroglu responds to South’s new negotiator appointment

President Dervis Eroglu was interviewed by the press, yesterday. This included press members from Turkey who were here to cover the July 20th Peace and freedom Day celebrations.

One of the questions asked for his reaction to the newly appointed Greek Cypriot negotiator.

Mr Eroglu said that the UN recognised the two leaders of the communities as the negotiators. It would again be the two presidents who would be leading any referendum process.

He felt that President Anastasiades had tied himself too closely to the Greek Cypriot National Council. This was a divided organisation that held widely differing views on the Cyprus negotiations and would find it hard to reach a consensus.

Mr Eroglu was then asked about the TRNC attitude to the October negotiations. He reminded the press that the TRNC had agreed to all three previous UN sponsored peace plans. That is the Peres de Quellar, Gali, and Annan Plans.

Remarking on the July 20th celebrations, Mr Eroglu said that they marked the end of the effort to wipe out the Turkish Cypriots in 1974 under the Akritas Plan prepared by the Greek Cypriots.

The intervention by Turkey helped both communities said Mr Eroglu, pointing out that it was the Greek Cypriot President Archbishop Makarios who said “My country has been occupied by Greece”.

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