Eroglu says opinions differ at leaders’ meeting

Turkish Cypriot president Derviş Eroğlu spoke to press after the 3 ½ hour leaders meeting which took place this morning.  During his statement Eroğlu said that there is a difference of opinions on “division of powers” and “governance”. Eroğlu noted that two sides will continue to negotiate those issues, ‘Kibris Postasi’ reports.

Some of the highlights from Eroğlu’s statements:

“We have sensitivities regarding federal executive and political equality. Some of these issues were already negotiated with the previous Greek Cypriot leadership and while some headings which were closed during previous phase are accepted by Mr Anastasiades and his team, several issues are being re-negotiated.”

“We will negotiate the presidential elections and political equality, two issues that are yet to be agreed upon, in the upcoming period”

“Technical committees were also discussed during today’s meeting. While the work of our technical committees are defined and ready to work, as the Greek Cypriot side has not defined their committees, joint work has not been possible. We shared our opinion on increasing the pace of work regarding the technical committees.”

“Confidence building measures were on the agenda, however we haven’t discussed them in detail and didn’t decide on which ones to evaluate as the issue will be negotiated in more depth in the upcoming period”

“The Greek Cypriot side wants the presidency to permanently be held by Greek Cypriots with a Turkish Cypriot being the vice president. So there is a discussion on that issue”

“The Greek Cypriot Side has put several proposals forwards on property, governance and division of power, authorities of the central government and we also put proposals accordingly”.

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