Eroglu says reaching an agreement with the south is unlikely

North Cyprus President Dervis Eroglu, has argued that the Democratic Rally Party (DISY) chairman, Nikos Anastasiades seems to have a chance of winning the presidential elections which will be held in February in the Republic of Cyprus, and claimed that taking into consideration Anastasiades’ protocol with the Democratic Party (DIKO) and his public statements, the possibility of reaching an agreement with him is low.

Addressing a conference organized by the Turkish Maarif (Education) College’s History and Culture Club under the title “Cyprus’ past, present and future”, Eroglu reiterated his view that an agreement, which began by recognising the “existing realities” in Cyprus could be lasting and alleged: “It is not possible to create a nation out of two peoples. It is not possible to create a nation such as the Cyprus nation”.

Noting that the negotiations will resume after the presidential elections in the Republic of Cyprus, Eroglu argued that these will be “new negotiations” and added that the Turkish Cypriot side will continue to insist on the issue of putting a time limit in the negotiations.

He argued that the only thing to be done in case the Cyprus problem is not solved with an agreement is “to defend the state”. Referring to the developments in Cyprus since 1955, Eroglu argued: “It is very difficult to live without a state. Establishing your own state, and the peace and pleasure of living in tranquility and security under the roof of the state you have established is something else”.

Eroglu stated that the reason for which no agreement had been reached in Cyprus is the UN Security Council’s Resolutions [on the Cyprus problem] and the “unilateral accession of the Greek Cypriot side”, into the European Union.

Eroglu said that the Cyprus negotiations have been intensified during the past couple of years and claimed that no solution was found because the Greek Cypriot side “is not thinking of agreeing and sharing” with the Turkish Cypriots. “We have to explain this to the world”, he added.

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