Eroglu slams Russian deal with South

Turkish Cypriot President Dervis Eroglu has condemned the agreement signed between South Cyprus and the Russian Federation on energy, economy, military and other fields.

In a written statement, Eroglu said that the signed agreement is not binding nor does it have has validity for the TRNC or Cyprus as a whole. Eroglu declared that the Greek Cypriot administration does not have the authority or the right to sign an agreement and engage in an activity on behalf of the whole of Cyprus. He said that the Greek Cypriot administration, with this agreement, has not only exceeded its authority, but it has also ignored the delicate balance on the island.

Eroglu also said: “As it is known, the 1960 agreements and treaties which represent this balance clearly state that there can only be military presence of the three guarantor countries on the island, Turkey, Greece and Great Britain. We do not know for exact what military amenities have been granted to the Russian federation. However whatever the provisions of these signed agreements are, these are in violation of the 1960 treaties in purpose and spirit”.

He went on to say that the timing of the agreements also proved how distant the Greek Cypriot leadership is from the idea of returning to the negotiating table and resuming talks for a comprehensive settlement.

“Countries which sign such agreements with the Greek Cypriot Administration must know that such actions only serve to encourage the Greek Cypriot side’s intransigence and its unjust treatment of the Turkish Cypriot people. These actions also hamper efforts to reach a comprehensive settlement on the island”, Eroglu argued.

He added that Russia, as one of the five permanent members of the UN Security Council and leading world actor, must adopt a more balanced stance towards both sides on the island and added: “We hope that the Russian Federation will act in line with its international responsibilities. We call upon the European Union to acknowledge once again how wrong it was to allow the Greek Cypriots to join the block on their own and to honour its promises to the Turkish Cypriot people in line with the decisions it adopted in April 2004”.

Also commenting on the latest agreements between Russia and Cyprus, Turkish Cypriot daily ‘Star Kibris’ reports that Ferdi Sabit Soyer of the Republican Turkish Party -United Forces (CTP-BG) described them as versatile and added that at the same time Anastasiades had signed some agreements with Egypt.

Noting that Cyprus and Turkey need stability, Soyer said that the new political developments show that they are important actors. He added that this reveals once more, the necessity for a Cyprus settlement.

Source Bayrak Online

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