Eroglu still waiting for response to latest draft proposal

President Eroglu has said that he has sent his latest draft proposal on the joint declaration to the Greek Cypriot side via the UN Secretary General’s Special Adviser for Cyprus Alexander Downer and is still waiting for their reply, Turkish Cypriot daily ‘Vatan’ reports.

Noting that the draft had been the result of long-term work, Eroglu repeated that from the very beginning he had declared that there was no need for such a declaration to re-launch the Cyprus negotiations process. He added that an agreement had been reached at the first dinner meeting held between the two Presidents to initiate the negotiations in the first half of October. Despite this, three months had been lost until now.

The President said that the draft proposal put forward by the Turkish Cypriot side had been welcomed by the UN, he added however, that according to leaked reports in the Greek Cypriot press, the South Cyprus government was unhappy with his latest draft.

He concluded that the joint declaration should reflect the views of both sides.

Asked to comment on the fact that President Anastasiades has complained to the United Nations over a meeting the UNSG’s Special Adviser, Alexander Downer had had with the Turkish Foreign Minister, Ahmet Davutoglu at the Turkish embassy in the TRNC on Saturday, Eroglu argued that the Republic of Turkey is a state recognized by the world and a UN member, for this reason, the embassy located in the TRNC is an embassy accepted by other world states.

He added that it was perfectly natural that Downer should visit the the Turkish Ambassador, whose country is a member of the UN.

“Therefore I wonder how those who cannot even put up with this will act or what kind of attitude they will show when the negotiations launch,” Eroglu commented.

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