Eroğlu twisting the facts: Talat

Former Turkish Cypriot President Mehmet Ali Talat has accused President Eroğlu of “manipulating” the facts regarding the negotiations, ‘Kibris Postasi’ reports.

Referring to the map allegedly depicting the areas in North Cyprus that the Greek Cypriot side demands to be returned, Talat claimed that the map was “designed” by Eroğlu’s supporters.

The map, purporting to show the areas “demanded by the Greek Cypriot side”, was distributed in the Karpas and Morphou/Guzelyurt areas just before the suspension of the talks, he said.

In November, Turkish daily ‘Milliyet’ published images of a map which shows the border redrawn in red; according to the map, the Turkish Cypriots would get 25% of territory in the event of a settlement.

However, former president Talat rejected the authenticity of the map which he claimed was intentionally created to manipulate the public.

At the same time, without openly naming who was behind this operation Talat said that “some circles” were trying to overthrow the government before the presidential elections. Eroğlu has contributed nothing towards solution in the last 5 years, said Talat and added “whereas Ms Siber’s negotiation team is already formed”.

Calling upon the voters Talat said:“The duty of the Turkish Cypriot community is to say farewell to Eroğlu”. The former president believes that Eroğlu will be eliminated in the first round of presidential elections of 2015.

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