Eroglu wants early referendum on Cyprob talks

President Dervish Eroglu has declared that his objective is to deliver an early referendum on the Cyprus problem.

Speaking on a BRT television programme on Monday, he stated that his major objective was to deliver a referendum by March 2014.

When questioned, the president said that a special task force from each side was currently working on a joint programme that the two leaders could address with UN Special Advisor on Cyprus, Alexander Downer.

He continued that the proposals put forward by his team had been well received and that he had been congratulated by the UN Secretary General, Ban Ki-moon on his recent visit to York.

President Eroglu also declared that his position on the talks had not changed. The agreements previously reached on talks between the two sides must form a base for the future and they could not be dismissed just because Mr Anastasiades declared he was now unhappy with them; otherwise the talks were destined to continue for another 45 years.

Finally, Eroglu said that he really felt that this was the last chance to solve the Cyprus problem. He was sure it could be resolved but that it would require goodwill from the Greek Cypriot side. While Mr Anastasiades had initially voted for the Annan plan, he had since backed away from that position. He was now bound by his national council and the Maras proposal was a demonstration of that.

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