Eroglu will not vote ‘yes’ vote without Turkey’s guarantees

Former Turkish Cypriot President Derviş Eroglu said that he would not vote in favour of an agreement, which does not include the continuation of Turkey’s guarantees.

In an interview with Mert Ozdes, Eroglu, stressing the importance of the issue of guarantees and territory, said: “The issue of guarantees is Turkey’s decision, however, I am thinking that Turkey may abandon its active and effective guarantees in return for a permanent [military] base [in Cyprus]. I cannot say ‘yes’ to such guarantee system”. He further argued that considering the situation in the Middle East, he did not expect Turkey to approve any change of the current guarantee system.

Commenting on the Cyprus talks in Mont Pèlerin, Eroglu said that he believes it is wrong to discuss the map and numbers without first naming the date of the five-party meeting, because Anastasiades’ hand will be strengthened then. He added that for this reason, he does not think there will be a positive outcome from the meetings.


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