Error on Free Speech Law – Opposition Was Right

North Cyprus News - Deputy PM Erhan Arikli
[Minister of Public Works and Transport – Erhan Arıklı]
Tuesday, 14 June 2022

Errors made by lawyers while drafting an amendment to freedom of expression laws have been discovered, YDP Deputy Erhan Arıklı said on social media, Yeniduzen reported.

There has been much vocal opposition to the draft amendment from unions, NGOs and opposition politicians. The opposition was right, Arıklı said. 

Arıklı said, “Well, what is the concept of “Discontent” in Chapter 154, which was changed in 2007 and the furore broke out? There the opposition is right. Unfortunately, due to a technical error, our lawyers misled us”.

Pointing out that this technical error would be resolved, Arıklı said, “The lawyers are working on the final version of chapter 154“. used the phrases.

Arıklı’s social media post reads as follows:

A TECHNICAL FAILURE… Yes to freedom of thought and expression. No to the freedom of insult and blasphemy…

“Blasphemy and Insult is already a crime in the existing laws and a lawsuit can be filed against those who use these expressions… What we do; It consists of putting the punishment of this crime in the relevant law. If the crimes that are the subject of the  law are committed on social media, it is also a crime. The Prosecutor’s Office, Police and BTHK Representatives told us what arrangements should be made in this regard.

“So, what are the concepts like “Discontent” in Chapter 154 that were changed in 2007 and the apocalypse broke out?

“There the opposition is right. Unfortunately, due to a technical error, our lawyers misled us.

The “Technical error” that I talked about in the Parliament the other day and did not go into the details is this; Chapter 154, which was a colonial law and is still in effect, was amended in 2007 and many absurd concepts such as “creating discontent” were removed from the law. Unfortunately, these changes were not included in “” as a result of negligence. The old version of the law was on the website.

“When the government held a meeting to add cyber crimes to this law, everyone who attended the meeting had the old version of chapter 154. Because everyone had downloaded the relevant law from the and worked on it.

“This technical fault is now fixed. Lawyers are working on the final version of chapter 154.


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