Esentepe Fun Run 2013: Final countdown

Now the final total is in, the Esentepe Fun Run and associated events are being hailed as a success by the organisers.

With more than 165 runners participating on the day, the annual event started and finished at Magic Bar near Esentepe and the runners expressed their satisfaction with the new route along the old coast road.

The final total raised was TL 42,528. Whilst this was a little less than previous years, Mrs Sue Steel, one of the organisers, said  “We set the bar higher this year hoping to raise more than previous years but we had to acknowledge quite early on that there were so many other charity events going on around the same time that people could not be expected to contribute as much as they might have done in previous years.”

Mrs Lesley Roper, wife of George Roper, one of the founders of the Esentepe Fun Run, who lost his battle with cancer last June said: “We are all very pleased with the way things went. The support of our sponsors, volunteers and the runners themselves makes us realise this is worth all the hard work which goes into making it happen. We take the view that any money raised is beneficial to Help Those With Cancer (Tulips) so we are very happy with the final total.”

The committee would like to thank all sponsors, volunteers, runners and special thanks also go to the people who put on fringe events in aid of the charity.  The money will be handed over to Help Those With Cancer (Tulips) in the coming days.

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