Esentepe Fun Run 2013

The Esentepe Fun Run 2013 started and finished at Magic Bar near Esentepe and was hailed as a success by the organisers.

The runs consisted of 2km for children, 5km and 10km for adults and 168 runners took part in the event.

All three routes were based on the old coast road between Carrington’s main office which is co-located with the Magic Bar near main junction to Esentepe.  The 2K and 5K run were based completely on this road whilst the 10K also encompassed 40 metres of main road as part of its route.  The main road element of that run was controlled by police from Esentepe.

The weather was kind and the sun shone all day and all runners said they enjoyed the old coast road route.

Several ladies brought their stalls of tiles, crafts, cakes, cards and Help Those With Cancer (Tulips) brought their own stalls.

Carringtons, one of the major sponsors provided a paying bar and food along with music.

Şukru and Burcu Karakaya, Owner/Directors of Carrington Group along with Raziye Kocaismail, President of Help Those With Cancer (Tulips) presented trophies to the winners of all three races and a special trophy to the winner of the fancy dress.

A very special presentation was made to Alex Kenney and posthumously to George Roper, accepted by his wife, Lesley, as the founders of the Esentepe Fun Run.  The perpetual Carrington Shield will be presented annually, by the organising committee, to the person or persons who best demonstrate the ethos of the Esentepe Fun Run.


2km: 1st  Caleb Romans  2nd   Koray Ibrahi  3rd   Necdet Numan

5km: 1st   Jacob Swanson – 22m.39s, 2nd  Uraz Senturk – 23m.15, 3rd   Nick Grant – 23.57s

10km: 1st    Barry Stoddart – 32m.05s, 2nd   Not known  – 39m.11s, 3rd    Robbie Roper – 45m.22s

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