Esentepe Residents Finally Getting Mains Water

Some residents of Esentepe are hoping that finally they will have mains water supplied to their properties.

Pipes have been laid and smart water meters installed this week as the first step towards connecting Esentepe to mains water pumped from Turkey, four years after the undersea pipeline between the Turkish mainland and North Cyprus was completed.

Sunset Valley estate occupants have had to make do with tank water. Complaints were raised after they paid 5,000TL each in 2018 with the promise by Esentepe mayor Cemal Erdogan, that their homes would be connected to the mains.

Water meters were supplied late December and the first water tank arrived,” a resident said.

The local mayor said that piping should be completed within a few weeks and water supply connected to Bahceli, the neighbouring village.

Mayor Erdogan said “Currently, 3,100m of pipes have been laid and the new water meters have been connected to the houses”.

We have provided [Sunset Valley] residents with municipality water by tanker and we are hopping that in a few more days, during which we will continue to supply them with water, they will be connected to the mains water.

He said that residents are happy with the latest developments. Locals said they would be keeping an eye on progress.

Cyprus Today

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