EU Commission looks for ways to enhance TRNC Green Line trade

The European Commission continues to look for ways to develop the Green Line Regulation.

According to sources linked to the Commission, it is currently interested in authorising the trade of farmed fish. In the past, permission for trading fresh fish and potatoes cultivated with certified seeds has also been given.

The sources say that the Commission’s yearly report on the Green Line Regulation notes that there has been a significant decrease in Green Line trade. The report, also emphasised the problem regarding processed foods.

Reminding that the Direct Trade Regulation is still pending at the European Parliament, the sources added that the Commission had not come up with any new initiative that would take the place of Direct Trade. However, it is reported that should all parties concerned with the Cyprus negotiations include Direct Trade in the Confidence Building Measures, then the Commission would support it.

The sources noted that the proposal of Direct Trade is on the table as part of the negotiations, adding that there is also the view that direct trade between the TRNC and the EU to support the economic development of the Turkish Cypriot community, may help the reunification of Cyprus.

Source Kibris Gazetesi

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