EU funds new farm animal screening programme in TRNC

The TRNC Veterinary Department has launched a screening programme for sheep and cattle diseases, which will help with the sale of hellim to the EU.

Screening will be held twice a year by taking samples from all sheep folds and barns in the north. Tests will be carried to detect the presence of diseases such as Blue Tongue, Brucella and Tuberculosis.

Head of the veterinary department, Huseyin Ataben said that the project had been launched with the financial and technical support of the EU and that this is the first time such broad screening has been undertaken in the TRNC.

He said that the screening results will be shared with the EU and therefore, from now on, the TRNC will be removed from the EU’s list of “countries with unknown animal status”.

He noted that: “The work which has been launched, plays a significant role in the registration of hellim. After registration has taken place, the most important issue to which the EU countries pay attention, is the state of health of the animals which supply the milk. Therefore, these actions are extremely important for enabling the sale of hellim to EU countries.”


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