EU law allows for two competent authorities on PDO

Ali Cirali, chairman of the Turkish Cypriot Chamber of Industry, argues that according to EU law, there could be two separate competent authorities in one country on the issue of a product’s destination of origin (PDO), ‘Kibris Postasi’ reports.

Commenting on a statement made by the South Cyprus government spokesman, Nikos Christodoulides that the Ministry of Agriculture, Natural Resources and Environment is evaluating all options for the creation of an effective inspection mechanism on the issue of the production of halloumi-hellim cheese, Cirali described the spokesman’s statement as “a very political one”.

Cirali, who is currently in Brussels for contacts, said that the Greek Cypriot Ministry, has no authority in North Cyprus and that the EU Commission could authorise an organisation from the TRNC to inspect the production of hellim there, just as happened in the case of the Green Line Regulation. However, a new regulation should be prepared for this at the EU Council, he added.

Cirali was asked to comment on a statement made by the Greek Cypriot Minister of Agriculture, Natural Resources and Environment, Nikos Kouyialis that the halloumi cheese producers in the TRNC will be inspected by an “independent organisation”. Replying to a question as regards the Turkish Cypriot reaction in case the cost for this inspection is covered by the South, Cirali said: “We do not want this to be under the initiative of the government in the south. They have the opportunity to use this issue as a trump card. The issue could be politicised. The current administrators may speak with good intentions, but will these administrators remain there?”

Cirali said that they might apply to the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) in case the EU Commission’s decision is against the Turkish Cypriot producers.

According to the paper, Cirali is carrying out lobbying activities in Brussels. At the same time, the Chamber’s lawyer is holding contacts regarding the legal aspects of the issue.

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