EU Wants to Broaden Green Line Regulation

Head of the European Commission’s Cyprus Settlement Unit, Kjartan Björnsson has spoken about the need for trade between North and South Cyprus to increase. Efforts continue to broaden the Green Line Regulation, he said.

Björnsson informed Turkish Cypriot and Greek Cypriot journalists in Brussels about the efforts made by the European Commission to improve the Turkish Cypriot side’s economic situation.

He noted that since 2011, an average of 32 million Euros per annum had been given to the Turkish Cypriot side, making a total of 485 million Euros.

For that reason the commission will continue to support and encourage social and economic development, infrastructure development and the further development of civil societies in the north of the island. Björnsson said that they will continue with the EU Financial Assistance Programme and the Green Line Regulation.


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