Even if Unrecognised TRNC Should Have International Voice

Speaker of the Assembly Sibel Siber is continuing her contacts within the framework of the Asian Parliaments’ General Assembly currently taking place in Istanbul, Turkey.

As part of her contacts, Siber attended the meetings of the Special Committee of Women Parliamentarians and the Committee for Social and Cultural Affairs.

She also attended a dinner reception hosted by the Speaker of the Turkish Assembly Ismail Kahraman and the Turkish Prime Minister Binali Yildirim for the Speakers of Parliament from 32 countries attending the APA General Assembly.

On the sidelines of the meetings, Siber gave interviews to the Anatolian News Agency, the Turkish Grand National Assembly TV, Azerbaijan State TV, the Azeri IZ TV and Space TV.

During her interviews, Sibel, who gave information about the latest stage reached in the Cyprus problem, and called on the international community “to take steps towards removing the unjust international isolation imposed on Turkish Cypriots”.

Today, if dialogue is essential for peace, then it is extremely difficult to explain why elected Turkish Cypriot representatives are prevented from being part of these platforms for dialogue”, she said.

Siber also stated that “it is irrelevant as to whether or not a state was internationally recognised for it to be included within the international community”.

What is important is whether or not that country or people are being governed as a democracy or whether the institutions of that state are democratic”. she added.

Drawing attention to the fact that the world was struggling with terrorism, wars and poverty, she said that such meetings are extremely important in addressing these issues.

Only through dialogue and cooperation can we solve these problems” Siber said, arguing that Turkey’s APA presidency term “was extremely important for the TRNC to be able to participate in the meetings”.

Siber is being accompanied by National Unity Party UBP deputy Erdal Ozcenk and the Republican Turkish Party (CTP) deputy Ahmet Gulle.


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