Ex-boyfriend threatens woman with murder

Abdullah Annac had twice before beaten up his girlfriend. This time he went to make peace with her but ended up threatening to murder her.

It’s a sad reminder that as Famagusta prepares for Womens’ Day that incidents such as this continue.

Annac had gone to visit his ex-girlfriend Gulden Tamavci, to talk and make up. He had already beaten her up twice before. They ended up in a heated argument and Mr Annac broke and defaced her kitchen while threatening to “murder her – to burn her”.

He was arrested by police and was in court yesterday where he was released on TL 2,000 bail and TL 20,000 guarantee. Passports and travel documents were also confiscated.

During the hearing, police testified that Ms Tamavci had reported acts of violence against herself on November 30th 2012 and February 18th 2013.

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