Ex Eoka fighters poised to take legal action against British Government

Cypriot ex-Eoka veterans who have been following events in a British court are preparing to take legal action against the British Colonial Government on the grounds that they had been tortured during British rule of Cyprus in the 1950’s

A British court has ruled that three Kenyans can claim damages against the British Colonial Government for being tortured during the colonial rule. Judge Richard McCombe said that they might pursue their claims from London despite attempts over the past three years, by the government to block them. The court reached the conclusion that it was still possible to hold a fair trial despite the alleged crimes having taken place more than half a century ago.

The Head of the EOKA Veterans Association, 79 years old Thassos Sophocleous said that since monitoring the Kenyans’ case he felt that they too could make legal claims and that they had a very strong case.

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