Ex-pats give thumbs up for TRNC

Following a survey taken in Karmi/Karaman village, it appears that ex-pats are generally happy with the people and climate of the TRNC. They are content to be living there. Major criticisms are the ineffective bureaucracy, expensive electricity and cruel treatment of animals.

The general sentiment seems to be relief that they are not living in South Cyprus.

Below are some of the comments of Karmi residents:

Sylvia Austen

“I have been living seven years in the TRNC. I run a small grocery shop in Karmi. I am very happy to be living here. I prefer to be living here than is the UK. The thing that bothers me the most is all these unfinished buildings. Tourists don’t want to see them either. Rubbish is a big problem also.

The North Coast Road is fabulous but the old road also should have been maintained.

I feel secure here; I can go out alone at nights. I could not do that in England.

The economy here has problems but I am glad I am not living in South Cyprus and the Eurozone. We have many friends in the South but because of the problems there, they are returning to England.”

Debbie Nokolai

“I run a restaurant in Karmi village. I am from Canada and I have been in the TRNC for 20 years and running my restaurant for 5 years. The major change has been the amount of construction. The restaurants used to be really small, now there are many large restaurants.

It used to be very nice; there were less people and not too much traffic. Also electricity prices were a lot lower then. Now they are much higher but we still get power cuts as we used to have before.”

However I have never had any security problems and I am very happy to be living here.

Keith Lloyd

“I came from England. My wife and I settled here in 2003 though we had been here on holiday many times before. There has been much progress in the TRNC over the past 10 years. The current situation is far better than the one we arrived to. Then the roads were very bad, not like now.

Some of our English friends who visit, do not like the developments. They preferred the undeveloped TRNC.

The economy is in poor shape all around the world. I talk to my children. England is a mess. The weather is bad. People are not content with their daily lives. Taxes have gone up and salaries down. Crime is up as is drug use.”

So, as these comments show, the overall preference it to live in the TRNC as opposed to anywhere else.

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