Exceptional citizenship under government scrutiny

The Ministry of Interior has put two thousand exceptional citizenships granted by the previous government under the microscope. An expert team is examining the circumstances under which this type of citizenship was granted. If necessary, those citizenships could be revoked.

Interior Minister Aysegul Baybars said that the public will be informed as soon as the work is finished. “We will restore confidence in the state,” she said.

Minister Baybars said, “There are people who have been registered in this country for almost two decades, who have made all their investments here and raised their children here, even though they fulfil the conditions set out in law, they have still not been granted citizenship.”

An increasing crime rate in our country is of serious concern to our citizens, social peace and order is breaking down. We are taking serious measures to prevent the increase in crime. We will prevent illegal activities by strengthening border controls, the minister said.

For the first time in the Town Planning Department’s budget, an item has been added to prepare the zoning plans this year. While the preparation of the zoning plans in six regions is being carried out, the rules will be revised to address existing problems in the regions.


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