Exchange rates double the price of medicines in TRNC

There has been a significant increase in drug prices, notably antibiotics, Calpol, blood pressure medicines and cholesterol management drugs.

For example, children’s medicine Calpol which used to sell for 5TL, has now virtually doubled in price to 9.92TL. Pedifen has risen from 3TL to 6.37TL. Enapril (blood pressure) 7TL to 11.84TL. Lipanthyl (cholesterol drug) 22TL is now 59.38TL. Macrol (antibiotic) is up from 19.50TL to 37.98TL.

Health Minister Faiz Sucuoglu said that the prices of certain medicines were affected by increases in exchange rates.

Sucuoglu said that the TRNC imported drugs from Turkey and Europe and that most of the drugs from Turkey were European patents.

The minister added that the unexpected increase in foreign exchange was reflected not only in the price of drugs but also in all imported products.

Head of the Department of Drugs and Pharmacy Mertdogan Soyalan, said that a further price hike is expected on 20th February, when drug prices in Turkey will increase by 10.6%. An increase which will be reflected in the TRNC.

Yeni Duzen

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