Expat Turks begin voting for new Turkish president today

Voting began today in Turkey’s Presidential election by Turkish nationals living overseas, Turkish journal ‘World Bulletin’ reports. (Photo shows current President Gul on left and presidential candidate Erdogan on right)

A total of 42 Turkish land, airport and harbour customs offices opened polling booths for Turks who are resident abroad but in present Turkey at the time of voting at midnight on Friday, and will remain open until 5 pm local time in Turkey (14:00 UTC) on 10th August which is the day when voters in the country go to the polls to choose their first directly elected president.

Voters have to bring their national ID card, passport or other documents which show their ID number in order to be eligible to vote.

Ballot boxes have been placed at customs offices at Turkish border points across Turkey.

Turkish citizens go to the polls on August 10 to vote for the 12th president of the Republic of Turkey marking the first time the country’s president will be elected by popular vote. The presidential post has previously been elected by parliament.

Campaigning for the post will continue until 9th August.

If none of the candidates take more than 50% of the vote, a second round will take place on 24th August.


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