Expats Permitted to Return on June 8 Under Quarantine

North Cyprus News - Deputy PM Kudret Ozersay
Deputy Prime Minister and Foreign Minister – Kudret Özersay

The Council of Ministers held a six–hour meeting on Friday chaired by Prime Minister Ersin Tatar.

Among the decisions taken, the night time curfew would be lifted on 1 June, but masks must still be worn in public. Supermarkets would be permitted to remain open until 10pm. Non-TRNC citizens who have residence permits for North Cyprus would be permitted to return on June 8 but will be required to remain in quarantine for 14 days at their own expense.

Deputy Prime Minister and Foreign Minister Kudret Özersay announced all the decisions taken by the cabinet.

Özersay stated that they made evaluations about health infrastructure at the meeting, and that some decisions were taken regarding the construction of a hospital in Kyrenia and the completion of Güzelyurt Hospital, details of the subject will be shared with the public in the coming days.

Returning to North Cyprus

North Cyprus News - Ercan airport
Ercan Airport

Özersay also stated that a decision was made to make some changes regarding land, sea and air crossings to the country, and that those who could enter the country were divided into three categories.

Citizens whose ordinary residence is TRNC, who are abroad, will be able to come to the country as of 1 June. However, these people will be quarantined. The quarantine fee will be covered by the government.

“As of June 8, non-TRNC citizens, who have work, residence and student permits will be able to come to the country. However, they will be required to cover the costs of the 14-day quarantine.

“As of July 1, if the existing conditions do not change and the conditions develop more positively, tourists and other foreigners may come to the country as determined by the Ministry of Health.

Board Spokesperson Özersay explained that as of July 1, tourists will be able to come to TRNC under certain conditions and different procedures will be applied to those coming from high-risk or low-risk countries.

Özersay also added that as of June 1, an arrangement will be made regarding the entry of citizens living in Pile to the country.

He said, “Citizens with a job or a workplace in the TRNC can enter the country if the PCR test is negative. However, they will give personal guarantees such as not going to the Greek side. ” said.

Özersay noted that within the framework of this arrangement, PCR tests will be started for citizens living in Pile as of Monday, June 1st .

He added that a decision was also made to bring the bodies of TRNC citizens who died abroad to North Cyprus, and for whatever reason they had died, their remains could be brought to the country as of June 1 under certain rules.

Özersay said that the night curfew will be lifted as of Monday, June 1, but the obligation to use a mask will continue.

Özersay said that the rules regarding public transportation will be evaluated by the Ministry of Public Works and Transportation next week, but only the personnel-carrying services will be able to serve from 1 June.

Özersay stated that the Ministry of Health has been authorized for when and under what conditions the sports competitions will start, and that casinos can be opened if they fulfill their concession fees.

Özersay stated that supermarkets will be open until 10pm from now on.

The Council of Ministers also made changes to the passing exam regulations.

Accordingly, the class will be graduated by looking at the average, not the exam. In some cases, the exam will be applied.

The deputy prime minister noted that details of a second economic support package will be announced in mid-June.


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