Expats unite to protest against UK security rule for Ercan flights

Expat groups have agreed to unite against a UK security rule which now means that all Pegasus airlines passengers flying to and from Ercan airport will have to leave the plane when it lands in Turkey and go through all security checks again.

Group representatives at a meeting in the tourism and environment ministry, agreed to make a joint approach to the UK authorities over the new system which begin to operate on Thursday.

According to Turkish Cypriot daily ‘Cyprus Today’, members of the Cyprus Turkish Chamber of Commerce are scheduled to meet British High Commissioner Matthew Kidd.

To date, Pegasus passengers have been able stay on board during the touchdown in Turkey. Now there are fears that the added security measure will lengthen the journey time and drive up the price of tickets. This will encourage travellers to fly direct to Larnaca or Paphos instead.

The new UK rule has been harshly criticised by the travel sector and civil groups, who have called the decision a ‘purely political one’. Expats who say they will be asking to meet with Matthew Kidd, to make clear the full effect of the move on all passengers using Ercan.

In the UK, Turkish Cypriot associations are approaching Britain’s Transport Secretary directly to raise the issue.

Cyprus Today

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