Expert Blames Builders For Hotel Collapse

Families of those who died at the Isias Hotel
[Families of those who died at the Isias Hotel]

In the second trial of the Isias Hotel case, where the hotel collapsed in the earthquakes that occurred in Adıyaman in February 2023, experts are being heard in court as requested by the families and ordered by the court, Yeniduzen reports.

First to give evidence was Prof. Yonca Hürol, one of the experts involved in the report presented to the court by the families.

Dr. Yonca Hürol stated, “I believe that the initial design of Isias Hotel did not adhere to the regulations set in 1975″, and continued: “The architect should have alerted the owner, but failed to do so. The building’s structural design was unbalanced, with one side heavy and the other light. Despite this, the project was approved. During construction, inappropriate materials were used, and there were errors in the doorways. The second design should have followed the 1998 regulations for a new project. Additionally, excessive weight was placed on the walls, leading to the collapse. I also suspect that the construction was not in line with the engineering plans. Both projects disregarded regulations. I hold the entire team accountable, especially the municipality“.

The hotel owner, the architect and supervising engineer have all denied any responsibility for the collapse of the hotel.


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