Extradition Problems Make South Criminal Safe Haven

Although there is an extradition agreement for foreign nationals between north and south Cyprus, there still remains a problem for the Turkish and Greek Cypriots.

Chairman of the Bi-communal Technical Committee for Crime and Criminal Matters Hakki Celal Onen, told Turkish Cypriot daily ‘Kibris that the extradition of foreign nationals between the two sides is being operated via the UN, however this problem has not been entirely overcome.

Onen said: “South Cyprus refrains from extraditing Turkish Cypriots because they perceive it as if they are raising our status. I don’t share the same approach with the Greek Cypriots on the issue of the extradition of Turkish Cypriots. At the moment, there are 19 people requested from the Greek Cypriot side. These 19 persons are wanted for drugs and other felony crimes. However the Greek Cypriot side does not extradite them by saying ‘These are also our citizens’.”

The paper further argued that the problem derives from the non-solution of the Cyprus problem.

Legal experts, told the paper that there is “crime explosion” in North Cyprus, adding that an immediate solution should be found in this problem.

Lawyer Levent Kizilduman has suggested that a federal police force on issues such as terrorism and serious crime, should be formed, before waiting for a comprehensive solution to the Cyprus problem.


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