Facelift for Kyrenia Old Harbour

A Turkish Cypriot daily reports that further renovations of Kyrenia old harbour are planned.

In an attempt at uniformity, all restaurant umbrellas will be the same colour, floral displays will be in place and new decking, railings and lighting will help to give the old harbour a facelift.

Further, a new platform by the lighthouse opposite the harbour will be constructed to host concerts of classical, jazz and traditional music.

The cost of refurbishment will be TL 800,000 and is to be funded by Telsim.

Recently the old harbour was the focus of EL-SEN electrical workers’ union, which cut off power supplies to the sewage pumping room in the harbour, leaving the area awaft with sewage smells and human waste was seen floating in the harbour.

There has been a dispute between Kyrenia Council and The Ministry for Tourism about who should foot the TL 140,000 unpaid electricity bill. Unal Ustel, said that his ministry was now responsible for the harbour but had inherited most of the unpaid debt. The unresolved dispute led to the power cut to the pumping room.

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