Fake 50 Euro Notes In Circulation Police Warn

North Cyprus News - Fake Euro NotesCounterfeit 50 Euro notes were put into circulation at a Famagusta bank yesterday, police have warned.

Banks, foreign exchange companies, financial institutions, markets, as well as the public and institutions that would make money buying and selling and exchanging money, should be very vigilant, the police have advised, as the counterfeit notes could have been put into circulation earlier.

 Serial Numbers of Counterfeit Money in Circulation

SA 1268095793, PB 3612663034, RC 2382759076, UD 3156852069, ZC 3634702628, ZC 1534711559, VA 5723782049, SD 5008235348, WA 1616889259, UC 9158217049 and UA 6154613067.


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