Family and Friends Visiting is Forbidden: Ozersay

North Cyprus News - Kudret Ozersay
Deputy PM – Kudret Ozersay

Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs Kudret Özersay has said that the Covid-19 pandemic has not yet ended. He noted in particular that friends and family should not visit each other.
Özersay said, “It is very important and necessary for everyone to act as if they were carrying the virus at all times, and that everyone they meet and have met was likely to be carrying this virus”.

He said the following:

“1) The fact that many shops, with the exception of some workplaces and collective events, will open from May 4, does not mean that domestic visiting can begin! Friends and families visiting each other will endanger our loved ones and ourselves. WE SHOULD NOT COME TOGETHER WITH THE FAMILY, FRIENDS.
“2) The curfew in the evening is EXTENDED for this reason. In other words, there is a curfew in the evening so that there are no gathering of guests, home visits and so on. It is not possible and unrealistic to continue the partial curfew during the day due to the shops to being opened. HOWEVER, although there is a partial curfew since May 4, “all kinds of activities that can be done with home visits and hospitality” are FORBIDDEN. This is also clearly written in the final Cabinet decision.
“3) There are also those who ask why there will be a partial curfew on Sundays but not Saturday. The reason is this: The tendency and tradition of gathering together on Sundays, making kebabs, visiting guests, gathering together as a family is very common. For this reason, although this is forbidden for every day, there is a partial curfew on Sundays to make its CONTROL more possible since it is more frequent on Sundays.
“4) While there is a partial curfew, it is true that thousands of people took a risk by going to supermarkets, butchers, banks, pharmacies and similar places, we took them all together. But the fact that this ban is lifted does not mean that we can return to our old life.
“As I said at the beginning, the epidemic is not over. If we are cautious, we can overcome this process together with the least damage.”


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