Family Escapes After House Collapses

The recent heavy rains caused the collapse of a mud brick house in the Çağlayan district of Lefkoşa. The family occupying the building escaped at the last minute unhurt but are now homeless.

North Cyprus News - House collapse Caglayan
Family Home in Çağlayan, Lefkoşa Collapses

On hearing strange sounds coming from the building, the family rushed out of the building, moments before it collapsed. Mr Birani said that his son and wife heard him shouting after he realised what was about to happen. They looked on in shock and disbelief as their house collapsed before their eyes.

Firefighting crews and police were rapidly on the scene.

Dilek Barani said that he and his family had lived in the house for 15 years, and had lost all their belongings. After heavy rains which had caused landslides and floods across the country, Mr Barani said that he had asked Lefkoşa municipality for help as they were in financial difficulties.

Mrs Barani said that she had a young child in hospital and she had returned to the house to get clothes for her. She added that the family’s health has suffered because there was so much damp in the walls of the house.

Police are investigating the event.

Yeni Duzen

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