Fatal traffic accident numbers on the rise in TRNC

The number of fatalities resulting from road traffic accidents are five times higher than in EU countries, President of the Association for Prevention of Traffic Accidents (TKOD) Mehmet Avci has said, ‘Kibris Postasi’ reports.

He went on that the government is not doing enough to lessen the number of accidents, adding that infrastructure is also an important factor leading to the high number of traffic accidents.

The number of incidents are increasing despite claims that the necessary precautions are taken on the roads. Because of the lack of attention and not following the rules, on average, 40 die every year on the road, Avci said.

“The police are not making their presence felt on the roads. Driving licences are given easily in our country, and the biggest deficiency is the written exam and the lack of an official handbook… The criteria of the exams are not addressed properly. The inspector is uneducated in this subject”, he added.

In North Cyprus with a population of approximately 300,000 – 49 people lost their lives in traffic accidents in 2013. This number is equal to 146 deaths in 1 million. If we are to compare our country with EU countries, it can be seen that the fatal accidents in North Cyprus occur 4.9 times more than the EU countries.

20,398 traffic accidents occurred in the last five years in North Cyprus. In that time, there were 177 fatal traffic accidents where 201 people lost their lives. Out of 3,640 serious traffic accidents, 5,334 people were injured, Avci concluded.

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