Faulty Construction And Poor Materials in Isias Hotel

Turkey earthquake - isias hotel
[Isias Hotel in ruins]
Friday, 17 February 2023

A report on materials used to construct the Grand Isias Hotel in Adıyaman, which collapsed in the earthquakes in Turkey on 6 February, has been published by the Eastern Mediterranean University’s Department of Civil Engineering, Yeniduzen reports.

The main thrust of the report states that the concrete used in the building was clearly very poor.

According to the report: 

 “The debris found in the building area was closely examined and it was determined that the concrete quality was clearly low, and that river gravel and sand was used. When the size of the stream gravel is considered, it is often observed that the concrete to be used in such structures is larger than the maximum grain size. It has been determined that they are large, the granulometry in the distribution of gravel and sand in the concrete is not good, and they are easily dispersed when testing.

It could have collapsed even in less powerful earthquakes“.

The report went on to say that the construction of the building in question, whose foundation and columns were designed and built to support five storeys, was increased to seven storeys.

This was a serious error and the hotel could well have collapsed from weaker earth tremors.

There were 100 people buried in the rubble of the hotel, 12 of whom were TRNC students and a number of tourist guides.

Full report in Turkish


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