Faulty valve at pumping station continues to delay water supply

The reservoir at Gecitkoy is half full, however, no water has been distributed yet to towns and villages in the North.

A faulty valve at the Camlibel pumping station has held up distribution and according to Funda Gumush writing in Cyprus Weekly, it still has not been repaired.

Last week, Nicosia, Famagusta, Tepebasi and Hamitkoy were due to receive water from Turkey for three days as a trial, however, that event had to be cancelled because of the faulty valve at Camlibel.

According to the Turkish Cypriot project manager, work to connect pipelines to Nicosia and Gonyeli has finished. They have been tested and no problems have been found.

The Turkish Water Authority (DSI) has said that work to complete depots and network connections to Famagusta, Kyrenia, Guzelyurt and Dipkarpaz continues and will then be tested.

DSI officials also say that the water purification plant at Guzelyali has been functioning well for months.

However, only five local councils have signed the contract which covers the transitional period and will purchase water at 2.30TL per tonne.

Not only are domestic users anxious to get the Turkish water supply, but agricultural producers are desperate to have access to the water during the time of drought.

They will experience further delays while projects are implemented to supply agricultural irrigation after which, a tender will be put out for the management of the water.

Cyprus Weekly

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