Fears of Long-Term Pollution From Haspolat Fire

North Cyprus News - Remains of fire in HaspolatA fire at a scrapyard in Haspolat, Nicosia has created environmental pollution, possible pollution of groundwater, soil damage and loss of vegetation.

The fire which spread rapidly in strong winds on Tuesday was eventually brought under control, however environmentalists are concerned about the long term damage and risks to human health.

Environmental Education and Management Specialist Asuman Korukoğlu Kuyucu said that the fire should not only be regarded as air pollution, it also can create respiratory damage to all living things.

He stressed that the gases mixed in the atmosphere return to the soil as rainwater, causing great damage to the vegetation and animals, so everyone is affected.

The Police Press Officer noted that the cause of the fire that broke out around 13:00 on Monday is not yet clear, and is being investigated.

North Cyprus News - Fire in Gonyeli 2The fire spread over 20 donums of land and was visible from Nicosia and the surrounding villages. A great pall of smoke spread  kilometres away from Haspolat.

Haspolat muhtar Asım Egemen stated that the people of the region are concerned and fearful for their health. Egemen noted that he owns the land, but another person uses it for scrapyard items. Egemen said that many people from the region had complained to him.

Elsewhere, Hamitköy muhtar Feyzullah Bostancı warned that rubbish and scrap materials should not be thrown on the ground and that there should be no fires, the latest of which in Haspolat had created panic. 

Secretary General of the Green Peace Movement Doğan Sahir, explained that such fires caused an increase in air temperature by creating a greenhouse effect over a wide area. “Smoke particles are dispersed in the atmosphere and can reach much longer distances, the effects of which can be sustained, the gases emitted are carcinogenic,” he said.


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