Fears that Turkish Cypriots will be assimilated by Turkey

Concerns have been raised that the Turkish Cypriots will, in time, be assimilated by the mainland. 20 organisations, among them the youth arm of the Social Democracy Party (TDP), said that an agreement, which was signed on March 12th, 2014, between the CTP-DP (Republican Turkish Party and Democratic Party) coalition government and Turkey to establish a youth coordination office for the Ministry of Youth and Sports is a step towards the assimilation of the Turkish Cypriots.

In a joint statement, the 20 organisations said that the agreement was not implemented due to negative reactions, but now the newly established coalition government between the UBP-DP (National Unity Party and Democratic Party) is trying to put it into effect. They added that this agreement overlooks the rights of their institutions.

According to this agreement, the departments of sports and youth will become dysfunctional, all the projects and implementations will be determined by this coordination office, the chief and the personnel of this office will be appointed by Turkey, and diplomatic immunity will be given to all the officers coming from Turkey. The management of all youth campus and sport facilities, as well the ones that will be built will be transferred to this office, the TRNC will be obliged to give all the data that this office wants and the TRNC will not be able to impose any obstacles to the projects or works of this office.

The joint statement signed by the 20 organisations reads that in order to leave a legacy to future generations, they should have the freedom to manage themselves and should be able to determine their own future.


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