Feasibility study on costs of undersea electricity cable completed

The results of a study prepared by Fichtner, a consultant company in the energy sector, which was assigned last summer, by KIB-TEK to carry out research on the feasibility of an electrical connection between Turkey and the TRNC using undersea cables, has been completed.

According to Kibris Postasi, the report shows that the Levelised Unit Costs (LUC) of electricity from the interconnector [in the interconnection option] is below the LUC in the “isolated operation option” under the given assumption. According to this, the LUC from the interconnector is 12.25 euro per kWh, while in the second case is 12.53 euro per kWh.

The report also showed that if Turkey would cover the cost of the electricity cable connection with the TRNC, as it did in the case of the water transfer project, in the long-run, there would be a further reduction in the price of electricity.

Kibris Postasi

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