North Cyprus to be Location of New Film

Producers of a full-length feature film to be partly filmed in North Cyprus, arrive today to scope out locations.

The film titled ‘Derecho’, is being made by students of the University of Central Lancashire (UCLan) and shooting begins in May.

UCLan is the only university in Europe to produce full length feature films with undergraduate students. These are to all intents and purposes fully professional productions. The films have been shown internationally and won awards most recently in Romania and Africa.

The project started in 2011 and UCLan’s latest production of Derecho is the 8th feature film.

The film is a thriller centred around a young reporter being sent on a journey of action across many countries including Cyprus, parts of China and parts of the UK. The production team chose Cyprus for three reasons, a local contact who is an ex-UCLan film student, Mustafa Ersenal, the UCLan campus and, most importantly, the unspoiled beauty of the northern part of Cyprus, especially the coastal region around the Karpaz peninsular.

The students made a direct pitch to the university for money and are currently running a crowd funding campaign. Despite the fact that the budget is tiny compared to those of the big studios, their productions are of a professional standard. All equipment, travel costs and personnel come from within UCLan, so that all money goes towards the design of the production and expenses.

On Tuesday 20 February, a small unit of producers is travelling to Nicosia for a location scout and toilers with local contacts and media with a view to promote the project.

University of Central Lancashire

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