Federal Solution Has Not Been Scrapped: Nami

Turkish Cypriot negotiator Özdil Nami has said that the two sides in Cyprus were currently undertaking a period of reflection following the failure of the Conference on Cyprus in Crans-Montana in July.

He said that consultations with Turkey on the Cyprus problem were also continuing.

Speaking on BRT, Nami said that no new developments were expected on the Cyprus problem before presidential elections were in held in South Cyprus next year.

“Once the elections in the South are held, the UN Secretary General will meet with both leaders. However it’s too early to speculate on the format of these meetings” he added.

Pointing out that all aspects of the Cyprus Problem had been discussed to this date; the Turkish Cypriot negotiator expressed the view that there was no need for a new and long preparatory process.

He said that any future talks had to focus on settling several main issues.

Nami also stated that Turkish Cypriots should be awarded with something tangible or concrete if the outcome of any future settlement referendum was to be once again approved by Turkish Cypriots and rejected by Greek Cypriots.

He however stressed that despite the recent setbacks in efforts to achieve a solution to the Cyprus problem, the Turkish Cypriot side remained committed towards achieving a federal settlement.

“The process is neither over, dead or buried. The basis for a federal settlement has not been scrapped. We are however not at a stage where we will restrict ourselves. We are continuing to assess and evaluate the situation. What is certain is that some things must change. Repeating the same process will not take us anywhere. We need to be result oriented and focused” he said.

Nami also underlined the importance of continuing to work towards building trust and confidence between the two sides in the absence of a settlement.

“How are the two peoples on the island supposed to grow closer if you shut down all means of cooperation and communication? The Greek Cypriot leadership also cannot maintain forever its strategy of keeping Turkish Cypriots under isolation” he said.

Responding to a question on the issue of guarantees, Nami reiterated the Turkish Cypriot side’s position that it was out of the question to accept any settlement which risked the security of Turkish Cypriots.


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