Federation or not – the TRNC continues to exist: Akinci

President Mustafa Akinci has said that the Cyprus problem will continue to be on the agenda as long as all relevant parties have not reached a solution. So far. the achievement of a federal solution has not been achieved and has reinforced the existence of two separate states.

In his Bayram address broadcast by BRT President Akinci said:

“I would like you to spend the holidays with your family and your loved ones in health and peace. I spoke to you previously during the Ramadan festival which was just before the last Cyprus Conference in Crans-Montana, when I emphasised that there will be a conference that either would bring to a solution if the will was there or that the conference that would end in failure, if determination was not shown.”

“I regret to say that we are very clear how right we were to be cautious at the Cyprus Conference in Crans-Montana,” said Akinci, adding he had predicted how the election atmosphere in South Cyprus would affect the negotiations.

“Despite all our well-intentioned efforts and the determination we have shown, we have not seen the same attitude from the Greek side. Instead of coming to the conference to agree on a reasonable framework, they came to find someone to blame. […] It was unfortunate that a historic opportunity was plagued by this attitude”, he stated.

The Turkish Cypriot side had demonstrated its determination to find a solution, the same could not be said for the Greek Cypriot side, he said.

The same understanding and the same methods used in past negotiations have not worked. “It is obvious that an open-ended negotiation process cannot continue any longer”, Akinci stated.

“You can say whatever you want; the existence of two separate states in Cyprus is a fact. Even if the TRNC is not recognised, it is a reality”, he said.

“The main reason for this is the Enosis struggle for many years by the Greek Cypriots. In 1963, the Turkish Cypriots, who were thrown out of the Partnership State, had to establish their own government mechanisms. The Turkish Cypriot Administration created within this framework was transformed into the Turkish Republic of Cyprus after 1974 and then into the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus. If the federal solution could be reached by sharing governance, the TRNC would be equally transformed into one of the two constituent states. If this is not possible for reasons that are not related to us, the TRNC will continue to exist”, he stated.

“Whatever the outcome will be from the Cyprus problem, we do not have the right to neglect the responsibility for own progress, even though we are struggling in that direction. Because life goes on”, said President Akinci.


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