Few refugees claiming asylum in the South

Only 12 refugees out of 115 who were brought to RAF Akrotiri have applied for asylum in the South.

The South’s foreign ministry crisis manage unit leader Omiros Mavromatis said they didn’t yet have the exact numbers, but it was around 12.

Arriving on two rafts last week, the refugees, the majority of whom were Palestinians and around 10 Syrians, were guided to the British Sovereign Base (SBA). On Tuesday they were moved to lodgings outside the SBA at Dhekelia.

They are being housed in insulated tents and receive two meals a day. Special arrangements are being made for the children and other vulnerable people.

The British government had said that it will continue to work closely with the Cypriot authorities, however, it will not allow a new migrant route to open up to the UK through its bases.

Cyprus Mail

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