Fewer Ferry Passengers and More Random Testing

North Cyprus News - Ferry Passengers _ Kyrenia New Harbour
Ferry Passengers – Kyrenia New Harbour

In view of the increasing number of travellers infected with Covid-19 entering North Cyprus, Deputy Prime Minister Kudret Özersay has announced a number of decisions made by the Council of Ministers based on recommendations by the Board of Health.

The following decisions were made:

Restriction of Ferry Passenger Numbers

From July 1 to August 16, 37,500 passengers entered North Cyprus by air and 13,195 passengers by sea.

Of those who arrived in the country by ferry, 66 passengers tested positive for Covid-19, while 33 airline passengers tested positive for Covid-19.

It appears that there is a higher infection risk factor as regards ferry passengers. Based on which, it was decided to limit the number of passengers arriving by ferry to 250 a day. Ferry passengers will be obliged to wait at the port until the results of their PCR tests are known.

Random Testing to Be Increased

Random testing for the virus is to be increased in the north.

Deputy PM Özersay stated that more people will be selected randomly for testing, especially at border crossings to the south.

Random tests will also be made on passengers coming from abroad, he said.

Health Control in Turkey

Before boarding an aircraft or ferry in Turkey, in terms of controlling the PCR test results, a new application will be made.

It was said that “PCR Test results will be controlled more securely“, however, no details were given.


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