Fifty Nigerians Arrested As Apartment Becomes Nightclub

Fifty Nigerian students arrests in Hamitkoy

Tuesday, 21 March 2023

It has been reported that 50 Nigerian nationals have been arrested by the North Cyprus police over alleged prostitution and drug trafficking in the Hamitköy region of Lefkosa, Within Nigeria reports.

According to the report 50 Nigerians were arrested by police special forces while in a three-bedroom apartment which was supposedly occupied by three Nigerian women.

Reportedly, neighbours who had warned the police about ‘prostitution and drugs’ said that they had been unable to sleep for months as a result of noise that emanated from the three bedroom apartment.

Cyprusnews247 quoted a resident of the area as saying, “We have all been devastated for months. We were unable to sleep, and we often did not get a response to our complaints. If more than 50 people leave a small apartment, it is not difficult to understand what kind of business is going on here. Our government should take this issue seriously and find a solution.

“Believe me, we are considering leaving the country in the face of this situation”, the resident added.

Cyprusnews 247 reports that the number of Africans who came to the country in 2021, mostly Nigerians, was 39,000, the figure increased to 58,000 in 2022.

However, in the last two years, the number of Africans entering North Cyprus via Ercan has exceeded 97,000.

There are currently 22 universities operating in North Cyprus.

The crime rate has increased because students are lured to North Cyprus to enrol in universities by unscrupulous agencies with the promise that they can also find employment to help pay for their studies and upkeep. Those unable to pay the fees and accommodation turn to crime, selling drugs being one avenue, sex work being another.

Within Nigeria

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