Fight against Bellapais sewage plant continues

A call to rethink the siting of a new sewage plant under Bellapais Abbey has been made by Communal Democracy Party (TDP) General Secretary Dr.Suphi Hudaoglu, ‘Kibris Postasi’ reports.

Dr Hudaoglu warned that if the project was not correctly handled, then the consequences would be irreversible.

He noted that they are aware that the current situation cannot continue but that it should not be made worse by the project which will put the historical Bellapais Monastery at risk. “We are not against the construction of a sewage plant, however we have serious concerns about its location and the serious damage it will cause to the monastery,” he said.

Hudaoglu stated that the project was initially halted by the Kyrenia Municipality because no permission had been granted, however, once the required permission was acquired, the construction of the sewage plant began. Following complaints by local residents, an injunction was granted to stop construction.

He added that the local residents were right to be concerned about whether there would be odour, sound or damage to the historical monastery. Hudaoglu noted that the facilities and the houses in the area were beginning to be affected by the negative aspects of the sewage plant, warning that because the plant is near the water well, the well could collapse.

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