Final words from Ex-Prime Minister

Ousted PM Irsen Kucuk made a television appearance on Tuesday night, a move that was seen by some as a ‘final word’ from the MP.  He acknowledged that the latest split had hurt his party because the rebel group had been from the higher echelons. In addition other senior party members had also quit the UBP.

Mr Kucuk then made a startling accusation by saying that ‘everything was used as an excuse. The whole plot was prepared by the president’ before going on to suggest that Mr Eroglu had ‘abandoned his duty of neutrality’ and that the President had weakened the party and ignored younger candidates.

In contrast, Mr Kucuk said that the candidates he was putting forward for the election on July 28h included thirty fresh faces and that many of these were from a younger generation. He was moving away from including friends and family.

Finally, Mr Kucuk went on to claim that the legal investigation into the bribery attempt on MP Ejder Aslanbaba had too tight a focus. He demanded to know why no action was being taken against Democratic Party leaders Denktas and Kasif. These were the people who paid the bribes claims Mr Kucuk, and he wanted to know why they were not being investigated.

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