Finance essential to implementing solution: Akinci

Finance is the key to implementing a Cyprus settlement, President Mustafa Akinci has said. “Even if we find the best solution, if it cannot be enacted, it will have no meaning”, he said.

Speaking to a Kibris Gazetesi journalist in Davos, Akinci noted donations alone will not be sufficient for the solution. Long term loans with a low interest rate will also be needed, he pointed out.

While it is known that significant progress has been made on the chapters of the EU, Economy and Governance and Power Sharing, Akinci said that serious progress has been achieved on the property issue. He argued that the new property commission which will be established with a settlement should not damage the social structure. Compensation will be included in the remedies to preserve the existing population distribution, as far as possible.

Akinci noted that one of the fundamental issues of his contacts in Davos will be the financing of the solution, adding that a collective international effort will be needed because the property issue will be solved with compensations to a great extent and this is why the Forum in Davos is so important.

Referring to natural resources found in the island’s Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ), Akinci expressed the view that when Cyprus has solved its political problem, it will offer the potential for “serious investments”. Foreign investors’ interest in Eastern Mediterranean will increase and contribute to the island’s economy, he said.

Noting that both leaders are working towards finding a solution, Akinci described President Anastasiades’ initiative to include the Turkish language in the official EU languages list as “a delayed step but in the right direction”. He noted that the new initiative would ensure that all the laws of the Union would be translated into Turkish and young Turkish Cypriots would have employment opportunities in the EU. He pointed out that the most important influence of the decision taken by the Greek Cypriots is the psychological one, Akinci said: “This step is a message that the solution in Cyprus has come closer. It is an important step for Turkey as well”.

Referring to his presence at the Davos Forum, Akinci said that it is important that for the first time, a Greek Cypriot and a Turkish Cypriot leader have equal status at an international platform. Another first is that there was a tripartite meeting between himself, President Anastasiades and the UN Secretary-General, Ban Ki-moon. He argued that even drinking coffee with any world leader or a businessman in Davos is important.

Akinci said that a five party summit with the participation of the guarantor powers will not be held in Davos. He added that they will all meet when the end of the negotiations approaches. That is when they will discuss the issue of guarantees and security, he said.

Kibris Gazetesi

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