Finance Minister Serdar Denktaş Resigns

The leader of the Democrat Party (DP), Finance Minister Serdar Denktaş handed in his resignation yesterday to Prime Minister Tufan Erhürman.

Denktaş who announced his resignation via social media said that he would make public the reasons for his resignation in the coming days.

Democrat Party General Secretary Afet Özcafer who spoke to BRT said that Denktaş’s resignation had nothing to do with the university land lease issue.

Özcafer said that there was nothing illegal about the leasing of state-owned land for the university in question.

She added that Denktaş will be announcing his reasons following a meeting to be held within the party.

The other three coalition partners, as well as the main opposition National Unity Party all, held emergency meetings yesterday to discuss Denktaş’s resignation.

While the People’s Party (HP) announced it was pulling out of the government, the leader of the Republican Turkish Party-Prime Minister Tufan Erhürman said that he would be handing in his resignation to President Mustafa Akıncı today.


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