Finance Minister Sunat Atun Resigns

North Cyprus News - Sunat Atun - Minister of Finance
[Sunat Atun – Former Minister of Finance]
Tuesday, 26  July, 2022

Minister of Finance Sunat Atun has resigned from his post, Kibris Postasi reported.

Giving reasons for his departure, he said that he had been unable to perform his duties as finance minister after he returned from a pilgrimage in Turkey. He said that Prime Minister Ünal Üstel had not returned his phone calls for 13 days after he returned. Adding  that a ministry cannot function that way.

He also absolved himself from the difficulties Kib-Tek had producing electricity and the expenses incurred by buying fuel without tender.

He said that he had spoken to the prime minister regarding fuel tenders, however, his advice and that of Turkey’s Minister of Energy had been ignored.

What’s worse is that, although we asked him to meet with the Ministry several times a day to convey the plans and projects of the Ministry, as of Thursday, July 14th, we could not get a response to my requests for 13 days.

Cyprus Turkish Electricity Authority (KIB-TEK ) first ran out of fuel and then bought fuel at a high price, this was not the result of decisions I made. This will be seen clearly when the reports come out”, he said.

UBP members and our people know me very well. I have been in  Parliament since 2009, when I was elected as the first deputy with the vote of our people.

“Between 2009 and 2018, we carried out very good and positive actions in harmonious cooperation with the governments established by Mr. Eroğlu, Mr. Küçük and Mr. Özgürgün and Mr. Kalyoncu.

“We left behind many issues that were a problem for our country’s economy in the four governments I served before, and we made KIB-TEK a successful institution that pays taxes from the debtor situation.

“…..According to my vision, the TRNC must immediately overcome the current difficulties and initiate a breakthrough period suitable for green development and the digital age by cooperating closely with Motherland Turkey.

“Every day we delay doing this, our young people will leave the country, our budget deficits will grow, our quality of life will decrease and our problems will increase”.

Cut in Electricity Prices

Atun noted that meetings were held with the Turkish Minister of Energy in December in order to strengthen supply security. Atun said, “As a result of these negotiations, agreements were made for two 25 MW dual fuel power plants with a total power of 50 MW. The said power plants were brought to our country in June and put into operation.

He said that if his plans were adhered to there should be no further power cuts and the cost of electricity could be reduced.

“With this important step, it was ensured that there was no shortage of electricity production in our country during the summer months….

We promised our people that the breakdowns and infrastructure problems will be resolved and that our country will not have an electricity problem for the remainder of the year.

Atun concluded by saying: “The National Unity Party (UBP), will continue to engage in effective politics by integrating with the grassroots, and will be with the government of  right decisions. He stressed that in case of acts contrary to the interests of the people, he will oppose them without hesitation, with the awareness that he is a representative of the nation”.

Prime Minister Üstel has appointed UBP Nicosia Deputy Alişan Şan to the post of Minister of Finance.

Kibris Postasi

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