Finance ministry struggles as protocol with Turkey not signed

Public finances are dire straits because the economic protocol with Turkey has not been signed, TRNC Finance Minister Birikim Ozgur has said.

Addressing the Assembly, the minister said that they were walking on a tightrope because he had not been assigned any duty as regards the economic protocol. He added that there was no coordinating minister within the government, therefore it would be appropriate to ask the Prime Minister questions about the matter.

Ozgur said that the economic protocol must be signed with Turkey as a matter of urgency. His ministry is struggling with public financing.

He pointed out that only with Turkey’s help could they pay salaries. In addition, there need to be investment in the country. The private sector also needed support for developing the country’s economy.

With the current budget structure, only the salaries could be payed, but no investment was possible, he concluded.

Kibris Gazetesi

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