Fired: Nearly 50% of cleaning staff at Ercan

KTAMS the Public Servants Union sent a letter today to the Public works and Transport Minister Ersan Saner.

The purpose of the letter was to highlight specific problems related to Ercan airport and request that they be addressed.

Ahmet Kaptan, head of the union, also distributed the letter to Prime Minister Irsen Kucuk, Health Minister Hasipoglu and Labour Minister Serife Unverdi. This letter has also been circulated to the press.

In the letter Mr Kaptan points out that since the privatisation of the airport, the winning company has been increasing profits by cutting staff at the airport.

Mr Kaptan says that this is bound to cause problems as Ercan operates 24 hours a day; there are 60 aircraft landings or departures and nearly 8 thousand passengers daily.

However 10 days ago, cleaning staff numbers at the airport were reduced from 78 to 47, with 31 being sacked. As there are three shifts a day, this means that there are only 15 cleaners per shift to ensure the cleanliness of all the areas, restaurants and toilets. Mr Kaptan maintains that this is an impossible situation and that the health of employees at Ercan as well as that of passengers will be endangered.

Mr Kaptan concludes by asking for a meeting so that these issues can be addressed.

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